by K Vijayachandran

K Vijayachnadran

I never wanted to write another blog on India’s sixteenth Loksabha Poll.
Media are the real winners and I am shocked; results were shocking even for BJP, it hardly has the political base to sustain the massive victory

In Kerala, politics is at standstill
LDF is silent, UDF is silent, AAP is silent.
Even BJP is silent and media is in no mood to celebrate.
But, there was the sweet smell of new politics blowing from somewhere.

AAP taking over the last Delhi polls was an accident.***
So was Modi’s sudden entry into Varansi to create the proverbial waves
But people saw no waves and media created them for depoliticizing the Indian poll.
It was a grand absurd drama of picking the PM from a pack of three:
Kejriwal, Rahul or Modi?

Demise of Rahul Congress has ended a chapter in the liberation of Indian peoples.
BJP has swept the North and the West and there is a clear North-South divide
Left was decimated once again by semi fascist terror in the East
North-East sings its own songs and it is time to re-compose Janaganamana.

***Few weeks before Indira murder, a research study on the potential fallouts of a sudden demise of India’s Prime Minister was presented in the White House for the benefit of US Presidency.