Lessons from Scottish Referendum

Lessons from Scottish Referendum
K Vijayachandran

Scottish referendum will go down in history as a watershed in human development: It has exposed the fallacy around parliamentary democracy. Nearly half of the Scottish people have expressed their unhappiness with the Capitalist Union of British nationalities with no apparent reasons and despite the massive ideological propaganda in support of free-market virtues.

In sharp contrast Tibetan communists continue to enjoy the support of the local population despite the spiritual opposition from Dalia Lama and the massive support of US imperialism at the global level, on the strength of the local political economy committed to socialist ideals..

As an engineer trainee in socialist Czechoslovakia in early sixties, I had listened to the grass root level theorizations by TU activists, half a century ago: In our country, we cannot organize rallies against the President but we have the powers to change our shop floor supervisor. In your country, like in USA, you may hold public rallies against the President, but may not dare to criticize your immediate supervisor.

Deming continues to be a stranger in US shop floors despite his big victories in Japan and industrial democracy as practiced in Europe is now on trial and social democrats are failing to defend it. Nevertheless, Working Class movement in these countries is moving to a higher trajectory despite the fall of USSR and dissolution of socialist camp: It is sure take new lessons from perestroika and glasnost.