CBSE and Vedic Mathematics

CBSE has been the major promoter of elitist English medium schools that has simply destabilized the neighborhood schooling system that was slowly emerging in our country in the public domain, after national independence.  Incidentally, it has served also as the chief promoter of brain-drain from the country: Immigration to developed countries was re-defined as the basic purpose of quality education. This trend got further reinforced during the economic reforms and now the entire education system in the country starting from KG is in shambles. Shree-Shree movement has turned out to be the chief promoter of CBSE in recent years. And now, this year, the  Higher Secondary question paper for mathematics indicates that enthusiasts of Vedic Mathematics have now infiltrated into the rank and file of CBSE. It is time to make a serious review of the role assigned to CBSE as pleaded in my earlier bolg on CBSE: