Sabarimala agitation-2018 by BJP

by K Vijayachandran


1. Gender bias and discrimination against women:

Using the Supreme Court Judgement of 28-09-2018 as an alibi, Sangh
Parivar could transform Sabarimala into a virtual battlefield in less than two
months. It was a well-planned offensive against LDF Government. :

M/s Indian Young Lawyers Association, the petitioners in the SC, had
challenged GOK and TDB, the owners and managers of Sabarimala for their alleged
opposition to temple entry by women of 10-50 years of age. The full 440 page
judgement of the SC as well as the report of Amicus Curie appointed by it, may be
down-loaded as pdf files from the SC website: 18956_2006_Judgement_28-Sep-2018.pdf.

It is noted that the minority judgement by Ms Indu Malhotra Judge, had summarised
her 75 page dissenting judgement in the following words: The Writ Petition does not
deserve to be entertained for want of standing. The grievances raised are
non-justiciable at the behest of…

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